Peter Williams, M.Sc., R.P.F.

Since 1997, I have committed to providing landowners with sound forest management advice and assistance through Williams & Associates and volunteer efforts. I have also worked to improve the quality of forestry practised in southern Ontario through presentations at meetings and through supporting the Stewardship Councils, local Woodlot Associations, the O.P.F.A. Private Land Forestry Network, and other groups. In my spare time I also coach one of the Rockwood youth soccer teams.

A large part of my work in Urban Forestry and Arboriculture has specialized in environmental impact assessment, tree valuation, naturalization, and site rehabilitation. I have also assisted clients in settling legal disagreements associated with tree by-laws, timber trespass, property damage and loss of use assessments.

Research, teaching, and practical experience enables me to fully explain issues to clients, and provide them with pros and cons to a variety of options from which to choose. Having a
range of options is important whether managing a small woodlot, preparing development proposals, preparing for litigation, running a sawmill, or working with community groups.

My background helps me to identify with a wide range of urban, rural and industry perspectives including lay persons, academics, community representatives and agency staff, helping them move forward toward their goals. This ability to bring individuals and groups together helps clarify their objectives and find the best path to achieve them.


  • Registered Professional Forester
  • Management Plan Approver for the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program
  • Chainsaw Operation


  • B.Sc., SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry
  • M.Sc., Forestry & Soils, University of Tennessee
  • Ph.D. (incomplete, ABDN), Environmental Biology Agroforestry, University of Guelph


  • Forest Management/Silviculture
  • Project Management
  • Urban Forestry/Arboriculture
  • Forest Ecology/Research
  • Environmental Consulting
  • North American & International Agroforestry
  • Technology Transfer/Extension
  • Education/Publishing/Workshops