Forest Management Plans / MFTIP

Good forest management starts with good knowledge and assistance, and a plan. A Forest Management Plan gives landowners good information on their forest and provides options on how the woodland can be managed so owners get the most from their woodland, whether they manage for wood/income, recreation, wildlife or natural heritage.

A Forest Management Plan is required to participate in the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program and to certify a property as Sustainably Managed (FSC/Smartwood Forest Certification).

Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP)

Williams & Associates can develop and approve a Forest Management Plan that qualifies a property for the MFTIP program for a 10-year period. To qualify, a property generally must:

  • Be located in Ontario
  • Be owned by a Canadian citizen, resident, corporation etc.
  • Have a minimum of 9.88 acres of land with a minimum tree density (e.g., 400/acre) that can be put into the program
  • Submit a Forest Management Plan, approved by an MFTIP Plan Approver
  • Manage the woodland according to the Forest Management Plan

Williams & Associates has developed Forest Management plans for hundreds of private and public woodland owners, for properties ranging from 2 to 8000 acres.

Our background and experience enable us to develop the best range of options to meet owner’s objectives and help implement activities like harvests, thinning, and planting.