Communications & Education

Based in teaching and extension experience at the University of Guelph, Williams & Associates has developed and implemented effective communications and education materials on topics ranging from simple to complex.  These materials and presentations are designed for all kinds of audiences: youth, the general public, landowners, loggers, farmers, professionals and scientists. Here are some examples of work and publications already produced:

Extension and in-service training courses:

  • Forest soil/site interpretations for the O.M.N.R. Ecological Land Classification Field Staff
  • Introduction to Forest Soils (O.M.N.R.)
  • Forest Soils & Silviculture Workshop (sponsored by the O.P.F.A.)
  • Managing For Oak Decline, A Workshop for Managers of Oak Forests
  • Sustainable Harvest Systems (Business management and low impact harvest workshop for loggers) – 2006, 2004, 2003.
  • Skidder Bridge Loan Program
  • Author, OWA Extension Note: “Careful Logging practices: Selecting the Right Harvesting Equipment” (2010)
  • Woodlot Management Training Course for Landowners
  • Woodlot Tour for Farmers – 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010.
  • Numerous workshops and tours for the Ontario Woodlot Association, Stewardship councils
  • Gypsy Moth Workshop – Town of Oakville 2007, City of London 2008.
  • Technical Steering Committee for “A Landowner’s Guide to Careful Logging Practices” (2008)
  • Draft author of “A Landowner’s Guide to Careful Logging Practices” Workshop Series (2009)


Citizen Arborist Study Guide
Client: Int. Soc. Arboriculture/Tree Plan Canada

Forestry Training Course for Landowners
Client: OATI & the Waterloo/Wellington Woodlot Owners’ Association

Edited & Published:

Key to Silvicultural Treatments for Common Southern Ontario Stand Types
Client: Waterloo Stewardship Network and the O.M.N.R.