EAB Workshop Presentations

Kingston & Orillia, March 18th and 20th, 2014

These workshops were developed to provide technical support to practitioners working in non-regulated areas that were regulated on April 1, 2014.

They provided a variety of up-to-date, practical information for those in urban and rural settings who will be planning and implementing EAB and Ash management activities. Participants included municipal staff (upper and lower tier), lead-hand arborists, large property managers (e.g., Conservation Authorities, parks and ski areas), Professional Foresters and Forest Technicians


  • Presentations listed below are mostly provided in pdf format.
  • The Ash Identification session link is to information from other sources that can help identify ash and ash species.
  • The second Branch Sampling session link is to a video from the workshop provided by James Rogers.
  • It is anticipated that audio recordings or information from the recordings will be added in the future.


EAB Management, Web Resources
Kathleen Ryan, Silv-Econ Ltd.

EAB Biology and Epidemiology (EAB population/stages of attack)
Chris MacQuarrie, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) CFS

Ash Mortality and Control Options
Taylor Scarr, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Ash/EAB movement restrictions and policy
Allison Barr, CFIA

Ash Detection and Survey Methods
Jeff Fidgen, NRCan CFS

Ash Inventory, EAB Management Strategies
Peter Williams, Williams & Associates

Rural and Urban Woodland Management
Terry Schwan, Williams & Associates



EAB Management Options/Strategies
Paul Bolan – BioForest Technologies Inc

TreeAzin Injections/Tree Criteria
Paul Bolan – BioForest Technologies Inc

Early Detection Methods for EAB
Jeff Fidgen, NRCan CFS

Ash Identification
Links to information on Ash identification

Ash Inventory Options
Pete Williams, Williams & Associates

Branch Sampling
Jeff Fidgen, Natural Resources Canada, (NRCan) CFS
video by James Rogers


Managing Ash Removals (Streets & Parks)
Candace Karandiuk, Town of Oakville

Woodland Harvest/Salvaging
Pete Williams, Williams & Associates



Funded by: CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
Other Partners: Invasive Plants Centre
Natural Resources Canada (CFS)
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Bioforest Technologies Inc.
Silv-Econ Ltd.
City of Kingston
Town of Oakville
Eastern Ontario Model Forest