Why use a forestry management professional?

Your woodlot is a significant asset, with serious value in terms of both money and the environment. We can help you maintain, develop, and maximize the value of your forest.

Registered Professional Foresters (RPFs) recognize and work with the dynamic nature of forests to maintain and enhance the many aspects of forest productivity and quality. RPFs are trained to assess forests, recognize the variety among forests and people’s objectives, and provide advice and appropriate support for a client.

Good management of your forest and woodlot matters. Professional management will help you:

  • Optimize the economic, social, and environmental benefits of your woodlands
  • Identify and manage forest health problems like tree diseases and invasive plants and insects
  • Work through the maze of government regulations and policy affecting woodlands

Expertise – Our staff include experts in:

✔ Woodlot Management
✔ Forest Ecology
✔ Forest Certification
✔ Agroforestry
✔ Urban Forestry/Arboriculture
✔ Site Rehabilitation

Alliances & Partnerships

At Williams & Associates we work closely with a many partner consultants, companies, and professional organizations that promote effective and sustainable forestry practices, including Ontario Professional Foresters Association, Ontario Woodlot Association, Ontario Forestry Association, various local stewardship councils, and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

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